Seattle is Located on Eliott Bay.

Who We Are

Gail E. Gillenwater, Ph.D., is Founder and Principal of Pharma Development Solutions, a West Coast consulting firm specializing in development of biopharmaceutical products from proof-of-concept through Phase 2 clinical studies. Previously, Dr. Gillenwater was Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development for a biopharmaceutical  company where she was responsible for moving the company's lead drug candidate from preclinical research into Phase 3 clinical trials.

With more than 27 years in the biomedical industry, Dr. Gillenwater has managed pharmacology, toxicology, formulation, manufacturing, and Phase 1—4 clinical and regulatory programs for large pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott Laboratories and for development-stage companies including Omeros Corporation, SIBIA Neurosciences*, Chemex Pharmaceuticals*, and GenDerm Corporation*. Dr. Gillenwater received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Loyola University Medical School.

How We Work

We partner with independent consultants and contract research organizations to provide the highest level of expertise. We maintain strictest confidentiality with all clients. Our contracts are flexible and we accept per-task or per-hour projects.

*Acquired by large pharmaceutical company

Pharma Development Solutions is located in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle is located on magnificent Eliot Bay.

Seattle’s biotechnology and medical device industries are closely aligned with its world-class academic and non-profit research institutions.

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